Awesome Organic All-In-One Face Cream



This AWESOME Organic All-in-one Face Cream uses all organic ingredients and is infused with a Swiss technology called Gigwhite™. It instantly whitens the face and has anti-aging and moisturizing benefits. It also gives the face the protection it needs from the harmful rays of the sun with its SPF 30 content.

Gigawhite™ is a plant-derived, preservative-free skin whitener used as an alternative to hydroquinone. It has no side-effects and minimal to no skin irritation. It is effective in treating dark spots, skin discolorations and sun damaged skin.

Gigawhite™ acts by inhibiting tyronsinase, which is an enzyme responsible for the production of melanin.

Clinical tests showed that Gigawhite™ caused a decrease in discoloration by 24% and an increase in skin lightening by 15.3% over the course of a period of 12 weeks.


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